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Legal proofreading

Work with a legal insider

An eagle eye with a legal mind

When it comes to writing legal texts, clarity and attention to detail are vital. 

Maybe you’re:

  • a medico-legal expert, giving your opinion on liability or causation
  • a solicitor drafting a contract
  • or Counsel settling pleadings and advising on evidence?

You don’t want to undermine your reader’s confidence in you through errors or confusing sentences.

Which is why working with a specialist legal proofreader can be so beneficial.

Fluent in legalese

Legal words can have a particular meaning. And a particular spelling.

Experience in your shoes

I know what it takes to draft legal documents and present evidence in court.

A nose for ambiguity

Identify a lack of clarity and errors in your text now. Before your opponent does.

A courtroom colleague

Work with someone you can trust. With the same high standards and ethics. 

years at the Bar

a legal proofreader with a successful career at the Bar?

Hello, I’m here.