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Add some polish to your prose

Work with a qualified proofreader

What impression is your writing making?

One opportunity

You know first impressions count. They last. And when it comes to your writing, things are no different.

Mistakes and inconsistencies can confuse your readers and distract them from your message. Undermining their confidence in you. Damaging your reputation as an authority.

But the problem is it’s not easy to pick up on errors in your own work. When you’ve worked on something for a while, you can easily skip over mistakes, reading what you think should be there. Not what’s actually written – by you or AutoCorrect.

As a qualified proofreader, you can rely on me to:

  • home in on errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  •  identify inconsistencies in presentation, usage and layout
  • and highlight ambiguity.

 Want to make the right impression?

Why work with me?

Professional training

I trained to industry standards with The Publishing Training Centre, qualifying with distinction.

Professional body

I’m governed by the Code of Practice of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

Profressional markup

I can use traditional markup  symbols and proofread blind or against copy, on screen or on paper.  

Professional service

Your work will not be subcontracted and I work to brief, budget and deadline.

Professional reader

I’ve got a barrister’s eye for detail and a voracious appetite for getting stuck into a document.

Professional writer

As a writer myself I understand the importance of respecting your authorial voice.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Simon. After days (sometimes weeks) of editing, starting and editing again, a fresh pair of qualified eyes are more valuable than coffee. A potentially blasphemous claim, I’m aware.

When I hand off my documents, strong as they may be, they tend to look like Casual Friday. But with Simon’s keen insights, they end up closer to 007 in a sharp Armani tux. Because of his proofreading skills I can deliver every job with full confidence. And that is a feeling worth its weight in gold.

Jeremy Walsh

Freelance Copywriter